Unified Corridor Study

Unified Corridor Investment Study (UCS)

Project Map and Description

Highway 1, Soquel Avenue/Drive and Freedom, and the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line are parallel transportation routes in Santa Cruz County. Highway 1 and Soquel Avenue/Drive are two of the most heavily traveled and congested roadways in Santa Cruz County. Acquisition of the rail line provides a unique opportunity to create a corridor investment study that best utilizes these facilities. The Unified Corridor Study will identify transportation projects that make the most effective use of these three parallel routes as one unified corridor to provide vehicle, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian transportation services for Santa Cruz County residents and visitors. Using a performance based approach, the Unified Corridor Study will prioritize projects for these transportation routes based on a triple bottom line analysis that considers equity, environment and the economy

Unified Corridor Investment Study – Phase 1. Phase 1 to develop Santa Cruz County multimodal transportation modeling tools has been completed. Transportation modeling tools support a performance based approach to transportation decision making. The transportation modeling tools will allow for analysis of future project impacts on the local roadway network, and of sustainable transportation projects identified in the 2014 RTP. Development of the model was a cooperative effort with the County of Santa Cruz Planning Department and Caltrans.

Unified Corridor Investment Study – Phase 2. Phase 2 will evaluate how transportation projects located within the project area perform using a two step scenario analysis. Phase 2 will utilize the modeling tools developed in Phase 1 to evaluate project impacts. RTC staff along with input from the Commission, RTC advisory committees, stakeholders, and public will establish the project goals, performance measures, list of projects to consider, and scenarios to evaluate for implementation on this corridor. A two step scenario analysis will be performed to identify a package of transportation projects that will provide the greatest benefit based on the project goals.

Phase 2 Timeline


Unified Corridor Study Phase 2 documents

Unified Corridor Study Phase 1 documents

This planning effort is funded through a Caltrans’ Sustainable Communities Transportation Planning Grant (FTA 5304) and local voter-approved Measure D funds.

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