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Draft Results of the Unified Corridor Investment Study Released

The Unified Corridor Investment Study (UCS) draft Step 2 Scenario Analysis report and performance dashboard were released by the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) on Sept. 28. The study looked  ... [Read More]

Caltrans Releases 2018 California State Rail Plan

Source: Caltrans (California Department of Transportation), Sep 12, 2018 Caltrans has released the 2018 State Rail Plan — a bold vision for state rail that aims to boost the economy, help reduce  ... [Read More]

SCCRTC Welcomes Final Speaker in Transportation-Related Speaker Series

The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) is closing out its Innovators in Transportation Speaker Series with speaker Becky Steckler, Program Manager for Urbanism Next at the  ... [Read More]

RTC and Local Agencies Oppose Proposition 6

Senate Bill 1 (SB1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017, invests state funds to fix roads, build bike lanes and sidewalks, and improve transit and safety. SB1 is the first increase in  ... [Read More]

Progressive Rail Inc. Begins Operations on the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line

St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Co. LLC, a subsidiary of Progressive Rail Incorporated, began operating on the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line on Aug. 16 to serve local businesses that depend on good  ... [Read More]