May 2013

Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network $21M grant submitted

In partnership with the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, and the US Bureau of Land Management, the RTC submitted a $21M grant application to the Federal Lands Access Program to build 15 miles of bicycle and pedestrian projects on the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network/rail trail. The trail is an excellent candidate for the grant program since it will provide active transportation, recreation and eco-tourism – all goals that the grant program emphasizes. The grant submitted was for construction of trail segments from Davenport to the Santa Cruz Wharf, due to their proximity and access to the California Coastal National Monument. The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County committed to providing $2.8M in matching funds.

The RTC will be notified in June if the project made the short list. Final awards will be announced in August. Watch this excellent video produced to accompany the grant by volunteers Eric Thiermann of and Paul Schoellhamer.

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