Elderly and Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee

Elderly and Disabled Transportation
Advisory Committee Roster

Membership Roster
June 2023

Serving as the Elderly and Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee (E&D TAC), Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) and Paratransit Advisory Council (PAC). (Year) = end of term

Members Representing Alternate
Clay Kempf (2025) Social Services Provider – Seniors Patty Talbott (2025)
Alicia Morales (2025) Social Services Provider – Seniors (County) Vacant
Alex Weske (2025) Social Service Provider-Disabled Vacant
Christina Witt (2026) Social Service Provider -Disabled (County) Vacant
Tara Ireland (2024) Social Service Provider-Persons of Limited Means Vacant
Lisa Berkowitz (2025) CTSA (Community Bridges) Vacant
Jesus Bojorquez (2025) CTSA (Lift Line) Nadia Noriega (2025)
Daniel Zaragoza (2025) SCMTD (METRO) Vacant
Michael Pisano (2026) Potential Transit User (60+) Vacant
Caroline Lamb (2026) Potential Transit User (Disabled) Vacant


Supervisorial District Representatives
Members Representing Alternate
Janet Edwards, Vice Chair 1st District (Koenig) Phil Kipnis
Paul Elerick 2nd District (Friend) Vacant
Veronica Elsea, Chair  3rd District (Cummings) Vacant
Patricia Fohrman 4th District (Hernandez) Vacant
Ed Hutton 5th District (McPherson) Vacant

Positions are now open and the Committee is currently seeking applicants to serve both as voting members and alternates. For more information or to submit an application to serve on the committee, contact RTC staff.


RTC Contact

Amanda Marino
Transportation Planner
(831) 460-3200