Construction Contracting

Construction Contracting Opportunities

rail line along coastThe RTC conducts transportation planning activities and implements some capital projects, consistent with long-range plans and other guiding documents.

Transportation planning efforts, programs, and capital projects require the expertise of many professionals, and RTC employs the services of contractors to accomplish some of these activities.

Qualified vendors able to fulfill the specifications and meet the terms and conditions required are encouraged to submit bids/offers in response to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) and informal bid requests.

All solicitations include details regarding the project, needed services, required qualifications, timeline, and the requirements for successful proposers. It is the proposer’s responsibility to ensure that a bid or proposal is received by the RTC prior to the time and date specified.

For non-construction contracting project information, see the Consulting Opportunities page.

Get Notified

Construction Formal Bidding Contractors List

To be notified of future formal bidding construction opportunities, please fill out and submit a request form.

Construction Informal Bidding Contractors List

The RTC maintains a separate list of construction firms interested in public works projects estimated to cost up to $200,000, in compliance with the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act. Apply at

Current Construction Opportunities

Request for Bids (RFB) 2084 – Trespassing Sign Installation

Apply for the informal bidding contractors list to receive RFB.
Bid Opening: 07/10/2020 3:00 PM PDT

Invitation for Bids (IFB) 2072 for STORM DAMAGE REPAIR – SITE 7

FEMA-4308-DR-CA / FEMA ID: 087-UJZ96-00

Bid Opening: 05/28/2020 02:00 PM PDT
Pre-Bid Meeting: 05/14/2020 11:00 AM PDT

The project will repair the bridge railing and fence that was damaged by a fallen tree as a result of the 2017 storms. The advertisement can be found by following this link:

Invitation for Bids (IFB) 2076 for STORM DAMAGE REPAIR – SITES 1 & 2

FEMA-4308-DR-CA / FEMA ID: 087-UJZ96-00

Bid Opening: 05/13/2020 02:00 PM PDT (Bid Opening Link)
Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting: 04/14/2020 10:00 AM PDT

Apparent Low-Bidder: Granite Rock Company

Upcoming Construction Opportunities

  • Ditch regrading including clearing/grubbing – multiple locations along railroad
  • Tree trimming and removal
  • Railroad signal repair
  • Roadway grade crossing replacement of rubber panels with precast concrete panels
  • Pier protection repair
  • Storm damage erosion repairs

Recent Contracts Awarded

Vegetation Control – Informal

  • Description: Vegetation Control
  • Contract Manager: Tommy Travers
  • Award Date: June 4, 2020
  • Awarded to: DBI Services, Community Tree Service, Industrial Railways Company

Culvert Clearing – Informal

  • Description: Culvert Clearing
  • Contract Manager: Tommy Travers
  • Award Date: April 1, 2020
  • Awarded to: Durden Construction Inc.

Bridge Walkway Repairs – Informal

  • Description: Bridge walkways, handrails, and signage
  • Contract Manager: Sarah Christensen
  • Award Date: February 6, 2020
  • Awarded to: Industrial Railways Company

Erosion Control – Informal

  • Description: Erosion control measures at multiple locations along railroad
  • Contract Manager: Sarah Christensen
  • Award Date: January 23, 2020
  • Awarded to: Industrial Railways Company

Countywide Bicycle Signage Project – Formal

  • Description: Construction of bicycle route wayfinding signs at over 300 locations throughout Santa Cruz County
  • Contract Manager: Anais Schenk
  • Award Date: December 27, 2018
  • Awarded to: Linear Tech Striping

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)

The RTC encourages the participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) in its contracts. The RTC affirms the utilization and participation of qualified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Underutilized Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (UDBE) firms in its contracting and procurement activities for federally-funded contracts. The RTC encourages general and prime contractors to afford competitive subcontracting opportunities to DBE and UDBE firms, where possible, in their contracting and procurement activities within the County of Santa Cruz. Find out more about becoming a designated DBE by the State of California or finding a DBE to subcontract.

RTC Contact

Sarah Christensen
Engineering Manager