Budget & Work Program

Budget & Work Program


The Regional Transportation Commission’s (RTC) fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Each year, an original budget is approved by the RTC in March to allow for Transportation Development Act (TDA) recipients to budget their respective allocations in the new fiscal year, which starts July 1st. A major amendment is made in the fall to account for any carryover funds from the previous fiscal year and to reflect the actual reserve balances at the beginning of the year. The budget is amended as needed.

Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds are the major funding source for the RTC’s operations. Funds are established to account for funds which are restricted for a specific project or use. Currently, the RTC has eight funds:

  1. Administration, Planning & Rideshare
  2. Rail/Trail Authority
  3. Highway 1 Project Approval/Environmental Documentation (PA/ED)
  4. Service Authority for Freeway Emergency (SAFE)
  5. Freeway Service Patrol (FSP)
  6. RSTP Exchange
  7. State Transit Assistance
  8. TDA

After the completion of each fiscal year the RTC’s finances are audited by an independent financial auditor. The final financial audit reports are submitted to the State Controller.

See the Measure D Taxpayer Oversight page for Measure D fiscal audits.

TDA Triennial Performance Audits

The Work Program

Each year the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) produces an annual work program along with the RTC fiscal year budget and makes amendments to the work program throughout the year as necessary. The RTC submits the annual work program to Caltrans for their review and approval to ensure that the annual work program meets state and federal requirements.

RTC Contact – Budget

Tracy New
Director of Finance & Budget
(831) 460-3200

RTC Contact – Work Program

Luis Mendez
Deputy Director
(831) 460-3200