SCCRCIS: Goals, Objectives, & Actions

Santa Cruz County RCIS – Goals, Objectives, & Actions

The next step in the SCCRCIS is to develop a conservation strategy that includes goals, objectives, and actions for each conservation element to address their respective pressures and stressors, incorporate information from prior conservation plans, and achieve the broader goals of the SCCRCIS.

The input received at this stage of the project will inform the development of the conservation strategy.

Please complete the survey below to provide input on the SCCRCIS’ conservation priorities.

Goals, objectives and actions may be associated with:

  1. Land acquisition and protection
  2. Habitat creation & restoration
  3. Restoration of creeks and rivers
  4. Restoration of habitat on public land
  5. Installation of wildlife crossings and fish passage barrier removal

An example of a goal, objective and action could include:

  • Promote persistence and ecological integrity of the native ecosystems (goal)
  • Protect unprotected land and enhance land that is already protected (objective)
  • Protect, through fee title or conservation easement, properties with high conservation value (action)


Complete the Conservation Strategies Survey


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