Long Range Plans

Long Range Plans

The RTC develops and participates in a variety of long range planning efforts and special studies designed to help guide investments in the transportation system.

Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a state-mandated, long range planning document that serves as a guide for future transportation funding decisions. The RTP outlines transportation challenges and establishes investment priorities for all of Santa Cruz County. The plan includes lists of transit, highway, local road, bike, and pedestrian needs in the region and estimates the amount of local, state and federal dollars that may be available for these projects over the next 20 to 25 years. The plan is updated every four or five years to reflect the latest funding estimates and project needs. The 2014 Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Plan and the corresponding environmental documents were approved by the RTC on June 26, 2014. The next Santa Cruz County RTP is scheduled for adoption in June 2018 and is currently under development. These documents will provide transportation plans through 2040 and will be referred to as the 2040 RTP and 2040 MTP/SCS. The 2040 RTP will be a minor update to the 2014 RTP.

Other Planning Efforts

Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the tri-county Monterey Bay Region

The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG) coordinates the regional long range transportation planning process for the tri-county region of Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties. The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), as well as RTPs for Monterey and San Benito Counties, are incorporated into the federally-mandated tri-county Monterey Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS.) The 2035 Monterey Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy was approved by the AMBAG board on June 11, 2014. AMBAG is currently developing a technical update to the 2035 MTP/SCS. The 2040 MTP/SCS is scheduled for adoption in June 2018.

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