2014 Regional Transportation Plan Project List

2014 Regional Transportation Plan Project List

The project list for the 2014 Regional Transportation Plan identifies the transportation needs for Santa Cruz County for the next 20+ years. The project list is currently being developed for the 2014 RTP and 2014 MTP. This list will undergo various levels of review and analysis, which will ultimately determine which projects are put on the “constrained” list (projects that could be implemented within foreseeable revenues over a 25-year period) or “unconstrained” list (projects that could be funded if new revenues, above and beyond projections, are generated). Project ideas were solicited and received from the project sponsors in fall 2012 and project ideas from the RTC Committees and members of the public have been incorporated.

Next Steps

Once input from the RTC is incorporated into the project list, RTC will work with AMBAG to define higher priority projects that will be grouped into packages of different plan alternatives based on themes. The project packages will be analyzed for their ability to advance goals and targets for the regional transportation system, including the ability of the plan alternatives to achieve SB375 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. After completing this analysis, projects will be separated into the “constrained” and “unconstrained” lists, identifying which projects could be funded with projected revenues through 2035. The project list will then be brought back to the RTC, project sponsors, Advisory Committees, and the public for review.


RTC Contact

Ginger Dykaar
Transportation Planner
(831) 460-3200