Submit New Project Ideas to Include in the 2045 RTP

Submit New Project Ideas for the 2045 RTP

  • Make your voice heard! The RTC is soliciting project ideas for the 2045 Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Plan. This plan will be a minor update to the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan and is expected to be adopted June 2022 (see Key Milestones). The project list that was included in the Final 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (adopted June 2018) is available for your review here.

    Project ideas submitted on this form will be shared with the agency who is responsible for transportation projects in your location of interest. Projects will then be considered for inclusion in the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan. The goals of the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan are to prioritize projects that maintain the current transportation system, improve safety and expand options for how people travel.

    Please submit one form for each new project idea. Example projects could include a street in need of a bike lane, a turn lane to improve traffic flow, a road that needs a sidewalk, new bus services, or any other improvements that you would like to see happen over the next 20 years.

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