2021 Consolidated Grant Program

The RTC is responsible for selecting projects to receive certain state, federal, and regional funds, including approximately $11 million currently available from the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), Regional Surface Transportation Block Grant (RSTP/STBG), Covid Relief Act (CRRSAA), and federal Highway Infrastructure Program (HIP). This summer the RTC issued a call for projects, soliciting applications for these funds, with applications due on October 5, 2021. The RTC received 19 applications requesting over $26 million. Only $11.2 million is available. Listed below are projects for which the RTC received applications, links to the applications, and approved funding amounts. Some agencies that received partial funding will reduce the scope of their projects from what was included in the application if they are unable to commit other funds to their project. The RTC’s Bicycle Committee, E&DTAC, and ITAC reviewed projects and made recommendations for these funds at their November 2021 meetings. The RTC approved projects to receive funds at its December 2, 2021 Meeting, after considering staff and advisory committee recommendations and public input. The board increased funding for County road resurfacing projects by $2 million above the staff and committee recommendations and directed staff to select projects to receive $189,000 that the RTC board did not designate to specific projects (noted with #).

Approved Projects (See links for applications)
Agency Project Name PSR for STIP*
Requested Approved Funds
Capitola 41st Avenue Intersection and Roadway Rehabilitation Project   $985,729 $492,000
Capitola Kennedy Drive Sidewalk   $197,891 $197,000
County of Santa Cruz Emergency Routes Resurfacing Project: Alba & Jamison Creek Roads   $1,870,000 $1,870,000
County of Santa Cruz Soquel Drive Buffered Bike Lanes & Congestion Mitigation Project (5.6 miles of Soquel Avenue/Drive between La Fonda and State Park)   $5,500,000 $1,000,000
County of Santa Cruz San Andreas Road Resurfacing Project  PSR- San Andreas $1,650,000 $1,650,000
County of Santa Cruz Soquel San Jose Rd/ Porter St – Road Resurfacing & Multimodal Improvements  PSR    Soquel-SJ $1,540,000 $1,455,000
County of Santa Cruz Holohan Road Resurfacing Project   $440,000 $440,000
Scotts Valley Granite Creek Rd Overcrossing   $538,800 $500,000
Santa Cruz, city Chestnut Street St Storm Drain, Paving Rehab and Safety Improvements (Laurel to Green St) PSR-Chestnut $1,100,000 $1,000,000
Santa Cruz, city Ocean Street Pavement Rehab and Bike/Ped Upgrades (Felker to Water St)   $1,200,000 $600,000
Watsonville Complete Streets Downtown PSR-D/t Complete Streets $1,248,000 $1,248,000
SCCRTC State Route 1 – Freedom to State Park Auxiliary Lanes, Bus on Shoulder, and Coastal Rail Trail Segment 12 ($25k #) PSR- SR1 $4,000,000 $325,000
SCCRTC Planning, programming, and monitoring (PPM)   $290,650 $290,000
SCCRTC SLV Schools Complex Circulation and Access Study#   $210,000 $105,000
Ecology Action Youth SRTS Bike/ Pedestrian Education#   $59,113 $59,000
Approved Funds $11,231,000
*Projects proposed to the California Transportation Commission for inclusion in the 2022 STIP require a PSR or PSR-Equivalent.


Projects Not Funded
Agency Project Name Requested
Ecology Action Santa Cruz County Bike Challenge ++ $270,000
Lift Line Lift Line’s EV Modernization Project $495,903
SCMTD ParaCruz Operation Facility Construction Project $2,273,595
SCMTD METRO CNG Articulated Bus Replacements $1,770,600
Santa Cruz, city Swanton Boulevard Multiuse Path $592,000
Total Funding Requested $26,232,281