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Transportation Sustainability Trends

Tracking trends in transportation allows for a better understanding of where we are succeeding in advancing our transportation sustainability goals and where we are falling short. The following transportation goals related to the environment, economy and healthy communities have been developed for the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Plan and are the basis for the data that is being compiled.

GOAL 1. Improve people’s access to jobs, schools, health care and other regular needs in ways that improve health, reduce pollution and retain money in the local economy.

GOAL 2. Reduce transportation related fatalities and injuries for all transportation modes.

GOAL 3. Deliver access and safety improvements cost effectively, within available revenues, equitably and responsive to the needs of all users of the transportation system, and beneficially for the natural environment.

Santa Cruz County Traffic Counts

Santa Cruz County Maps of Average Daily Traffic

Santa Cruz County Average Daily TrafficPDF Download

Capitola, Soquel and Aptos Average Daily TrafficPDF Download

Santa Cruz and Live Oak Average Daily TrafficPDF Download

Scotts Valley and Felton Average Daily TrafficPDF Download

Watsonville Average Daily TrafficPDF Download

Santa Cruz County Average Daily Traffic Count Data
Caltrans Highway Annual Average Daily Traffic Census Program link
Average Daily Traffic Volumes at Most Traveled Segments on State Highways in Santa Cruz County

Commute Patterns

Commute Patterns Into and Out of Santa Cruz County

Mode Share

Santa Cruz County Mode Share - All Trips
Santa Cruz County Trip Lengths
Commute Mode Share by City of Residence

American Community Survey 2015-19. *High margin of error for smallest cities.

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Santa Cruz County Severe Injury and Fatal Collisions, 2009-2020

2030 and 2045 values are GOALS from the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan
*2019 and 2020 data is provisional. Provisional crash data is typically 95-99% complete.
Source: Transportation Injury Mapping System

SHSP Data - Santa Cruz County 2021 Fatal and Severe Injuries by Challenge Area

All roads in Santa Cruz County. 2021 provisional data. Provisional crash data is typically 95-99% complete.

Trends in Fatalities and Injuries by Challenge Areas

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