July 12- Public Workshop on the proposed ballot measure

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) invites you to a workshop on Thursday, July 12 from 4:00-6:00 pm at the RTC Conference Room – 1523 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz to provide input on the planned November ballot measure to fix local streets, create safer routes to schools, and improve pedestrian facilities.

Come learn more about the measure and provide input on possible ballot language, how funds will be spent, oversight and other aspects of the proposed measure. The measure would ask voters to pay $10 per year on vehicles registered in Santa Cruz County to help cover some of the cost to operate and maintain our local road network. We want to know what you or your organization could support. Please view the fact sheet on the proposed measure.

We all know that sound infrastructure is the backbone of a healthy local economy, yet funding to maintain our local transportation system covers less than half of what it costs. Traditional state and federal sources don’t even come close to meeting our transportation needs. The local $10 Vehicle Registration Fee measure on the November 2012 ballot would generate revenues to address at least some of the massive backlog of transportation needs in our region.

Your input will be integrated the final Expenditure Plan and ballot language, to be considered by the RTC board on August 2, 2012.