Measure D Five-Year Project Deliverables Ready for Review

Measure D, the transportation improvement ballot measure for five transportation investment categories, passed by over 2/3 of Santa Cruz County voters in November 2016. Each year recipient agencies are required to prepare a plan looking out five years into the future to identify what they will deliver to the public.

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) is the lead agency for the regional projects in Measure D including the highway corridor, active transportation or the Coastal Rail Trail, the rail corridor, the San Lorenzo Valley Highway 9 Corridor Improvement projects, and the Highway 17 Wildlife Crossing. In addition, because Measure D recipient Community Bridges Lift Line does not have a public board, the ordinance specifies that the RTC take action on Community Bridges’ Lift Line five-year plan at its public hearing to provide an opportunity for public input.

The draft five-year plans for these Measure D projects are currently available for review on the RTC’s Measure D website ( A public hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. at the RTC’s June 14th meeting at the Watsonville City Council Chambers to adopt the final regional project five-year plans.

Highlights from the anticipated deliverables from the first five years of Measure D funds for regional projects include:

  • Highway 1: Begin construction of three projects as early as Spring 2021 – a pair of auxiliary lanes between 41st to Soquel, a bicycle/pedestrian bridge at Chanticleer, and a bicycle/pedestrian overcrossing at Mar Vista in Aptos – following completion of environmental documents, final design, right of way and utility work.
  • Coastal Rail Trail: Provide supplemental funding to complete construction of bicycle/pedestrian trail sections in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and the San Lorenzo River bridge. For the north coast trail, begin construction following completion of an environmental analysis of possible alignments and final design.
  • Rail Corridor: Completion of the analysis of transportation options for the rail corridor (and two parallel routes), and conduct maintenance.
  • San Lorenzo Valley/Highway 9: Begin work on a pathway, transit stop and other improvements in Felton between Fall Creek Road and the elementary/middle/high school complex, and move forward with projects identified through the Highway 9 corridor plan (underway).
  • Highway 17 Wildlife Crossing: Construct the undercrossing (in coordination with other project funding sources and partners).

The deadline for written comments on the RTC’s Measure D regional project five-year plans is noon on Wednesday, June 13th.  Oral comments may also be provided to the RTC board at the public hearing.

In addition to the regional projects, Measure D funding goes directly to the cities, county, transit district and Community Bridges according to the voter-approved formulas for the neighborhood and transit/paratransit project categories. Each recipient entity is also required to hold a hearing to provide an opportunity for the public to review their five-year project plans.  The Measure D website includes a schedule of these public hearings.

Measure D is a 30-year ½ cent local sales tax which began collection in April 2017 and became available to projects in August 2017.  For more information about the Regional Transportation Commission or Measure D, please visit . To receive regular information about implementation of Measure D, please sign up here: .