Meetings and Events


The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) is governed by a twelve member commission. Various committees, subcommittees and working groups assist in the planning process and in making recommendations that are ultimately presented to the Commission for consideration and decision-making.

Commission, committee and working group meetings provide forums for public input on issues and projects sponsored by the RTC. The community can play a part in planning the future of our region by attending meetings and public hearings of the RTC and its committees.  The RTC actively seeks public opinion on work programs and projects at all stages of the development process.

Committees include representation from the member jurisdictions. Subcommittees or working groups may include other agency members or members of the public.

RTC staff provides support for each committee or working group. Meetings are posted on the RTC calendar and are open to the public. Please check the calendar for any changes in meeting times and dates or call the number listed below.

COVID-19 Response: Teleconference

In accordance with AB361 and the continued state of emergency, the RTC will continue to hold all meetings virtually until further notice. Members of the public can listen and participate in meetings over the phone and through the internet. All access information will be listed on the first page of the meeting agenda.

ADA Participation. The RTC is committed to its compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) during this time of national emergency. Please contact the RTC at least 3 days in advance of a meeting if special accommodations are needed. If any document, webpage, meeting, or recording is inaccessible to you, kindly alert us at or by calling 831-460-3200.



The Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) sponsors and hosts many events. Event information is posted on the RTC website and on the meeting calendar.

RTC Contacts

Yesenia Parra, Administrative Services Officer
(831) 460-3200