Meeting & Agendas

RTC Meetings & Agendas


Commission meetings are open to the public. Commission meetings are generally held the first and third Thursdays of each month and start at 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

  • Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) Meetings: The first Commission meeting of the month is usually televised on Community TV and is a full agenda on a wide range of transportation topics.
  • Transportation Policy Workshop (TPW) Meetings: The second Commission meeting of the month offers a forum for more informal and in-depth discussion on a limited set of agenda topics.

COVID-19. Due to precautions associated with COVID-19, all RTC and committee meetings will be held by teleconference until further notice. Members of the public can listen and participate in meetings over the phone and through the internet. All access information will be listed on the first page of the meeting agenda.

Accessible Participation. The RTC is committed to accessibility. Please contact the RTC at least 3 days in advance of a meeting if you need accommodations for disability. If any document, webpage, meeting, or recording is inaccessible to you, kindly alert us at or call 831-460-3200.

Agenda Notification

Sign up to receive e-notification when RTC agendas have been posted to the website. Agendas are typically posted to the website at least 3 days before the meeting.

Video recordings of RTC meetings are available on the Community TV website.

2021 Meetings

Date Location Agenda Minutes Highlights
10/07/2021 Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors Chambers Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
09/02/2021 Zoom Teleconference* Agenda, Replacement page item 12, Handout item 17, Handouts items 19 & 20 Coming soon Highlights
08/05/2021 Zoom Teleconference* Agenda, Replacement page item 10 Staff report item 11, Handout item 25 Staff report for item 33 Minutes Highlights
06/03/2021 Zoom Teleconference* REVISED Agenda
Agenda, Replacement pages for item 30, Handout for item 16, Handout for item 29, Handout for items 30 & 31
Minutes Highlights
05/06/2021 Zoom Teleconference* Agenda
Additional Handouts and replacement pages for items 25 & 26, Additional email comments for item 26
Minutes Highlights
04/01/2021 Zoom Teleconference* Agenda, Handout for item 10, Handout for item 20, Handout for item 21 Minutes Highlights
03/04/2021 Zoom Teleconference* Agenda, Replacement page for the Agenda, Replacement pages for item 4 Minutes Highlights
02/04/2021 Zoom Teleconference* Agenda, Replacement page for the Agenda, Handout for item 16, Handouts for item 19 Minutes Highlights
01/14/2021 Zoom Teleconference* REVISED Agenda
staff report for item 28, Replacement Agenda, Replacement page for item 19, Handout for item 25, Handout for item 27
Minutes Highlights

*Zoom Teleconference log-in information can be found on the agenda of the meeting.

Prior years of meeting agendas and minutes are available online in the Past Meeting Info page.


Guidelines for providing public input to the Commission either in person at meetings or via email or letters are included at the end of each Commission agenda. This section of the agenda also includes information about Spanish translation services and access for people with disabilities.

Transportation and Parking

In compliance with public health orders in response to COVID-19, all meetings will be held by teleconference only until further notice.

As many meeting venues have limited parking for vehicles, participants are encouraged to carpool, or ride a bike or the bus to meetings. Transit trip planning assistance is available through Google Transit and via Santa Cruz Metro Customer Assistance 425-8600. Personalized trip planning for all modes is offered through Cruz511 or 429-POOL.

RTC Contact

Yesenia Parra
Administrative Services Officer
(831) 460-3200

Two years of meeting agendas and minutes are available online. Materials from previous years are available upon request.