MBSST Master Plan

Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail (MBSST) Network Final Master Plan

artist rendering of rail ROW improvements

What is the MBSST Final Master Plan?

The purpose of the Final Master Plan is to establish the continuous alignment and set of design standards for the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network, including the Coastal Rail Trail spine, and associated spur trails. Planning for the Trail Network is done within the context of existing physical constraints of the railroad operations, rail service, coastal access goals, and public street rights-of-way. The Final Master Plan identifies planning issues associated with the trail’s construction and presents possible solutions for its design, implementation, long term operation and maintenance.

After a 2.5 year planning and public outreach process, the Master Plan was adopted on November 7, 2013 and amended in February 2014. The Master Plan has been recognized as an Outstanding Planning Document by the American Planning Association, the Association of Environmental Professionals, American Trails, and the California State Parks’ Trails and Greenways Program.

Limited copies of the adopted Final Master Plan are available for purchase at the RTC’s Santa Cruz office.

Copies are also available for viewing at the RTC’s Santa Cruz and Watsonville offices, as well as the Santa Cruz, Aptos, Live Oak, Scotts Valley, and Watsonville Libraries.

Executive Summary, Cover, Table of Contents, and Acknowledgements (5 MB)

Final Master Plan (Full Document, 80 MB)

Final Master Plan (by Section)

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