Opportunities and Constraints Analysis

Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network
Opportunities and Constraints Maps


Read the e-news update regarding the Opportunities and Constraints analysis.

The purpose of the Opportunities and Constraints maps for the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network is to translate the technical information gathered into a helpful tool to guide the identification of potential alignments. Opportunities are areas that can provide improved bicycle/pedestrian public access and constraints indicate existing conditions that may prevent or complicate the fulfillment of identified goals. Thus, the opportunities and constraints maps shown at the first set of public workshops provide a snap shot in the project’s information gathering evolution and are being updated as additional information is compiled. Draft alignment maps will be provided in the Draft Master Plan scheduled for release this upcoming summer. Feedback will be solicited through a second set of public workshops to be held following release of the Draft Master Plan.

The following materials were presented at the December 13-15, 2011 Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network public workshops. The “Opportunities and Constraints” maps provided at the workshops may be viewed on this page for a limited duration. The paper maps are also available for viewing at both RTC offices.

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Cory Caletti
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