Unified Corridor Study

Unified Corridor Investment Study (UCS)

The objective of the Unified Corridor Investment Study (UCS) is to identify multimodal transportation investments that provide the most effective use of Highway 1, Soquel Avenue/Soquel Drive/Freedom Boulevard, and the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line while best serving the community’s transportation needs. The study’s goals focus on developing a sustainable and well-integrated transportation system while maximizing benefits in terms of efficient mobility, health and equity, the natural environment, and economic vitality.

Final Unified Corridor Study

RTC staff presented the Final Unified Corridor Investment Study (UCS) and Preferred Scenario at the Jan. 17, 2019 RTC meeting at the County Board of Supervisors Chambers in Santa Cruz.

The Final Unified Corridor Investment Study includes the findings of the Step 1 and Step 2 Analysis. The report provides information about existing conditions and forecasts for 2035 based on the UCS adopted performance measures.

Final UCS

Approved 01/17/19

Performance Dashboard

Updated 01/18/19

Project Map and Description

map of the three transportation corridors being studied

Study Overview

Highway 1 and Soquel Ave/Dr are two of the most heavily traveled roadways in Santa Cruz County. Freedom Blvd provides an extension of Soquel Ave/Dr in the southern portion of Santa Cruz County. The Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line provides a new opportunity to provide transportation options between north and south county.

The Unified Corridor Study examines which transportation improvements work together to make the most effective use of the community’s north/south transportation corridor including three parallel routes: Highway 1, Soquel Ave/Dr-Freedom Blvd, and the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line. The Unified Corridor Study identifies projects that serve people traveling by auto, transit, bicycle and walking and groups projects into scenarios. The scenarios provide a tool to understand how changes in the transportation system could impact the community and to evaluate future potential uses for the recently acquired rail right-of-way as required by Measure D.

Public Participation

Thank you to the thousands of community members that have helped identify transportation priorities and project groupings for consideration in the UCS through public meetings, online surveys and focus groups.

Unified Corridor Study Resources

Unified Corridor Study Scenario Analysis

Public Input

Alternative Analysis

Step 2 Analysis

Step 1 Analysis

Previous Outreach

Santa Cruz County Travel Model

This planning effort is funded through a Caltrans’ Sustainable Communities Transportation Planning Grant (FTA 5304) and local voter-approved Measure D funds.

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