Pedestrian Projects

The RTC secures and funds a variety of pedestrian projects, including expansion and improvement of the local sidewalk network, accessible pedestrian facilities services, and safe paths of travel to connect to transit.

The duties of the Elderly & Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee (E&D TAC) include reviewing and advising local jurisdictions and implementing agencies on pedestrian accessibility projects.   In addition, there is a subcommittee of the E&D TAC focused specifically on pedestrian issues.

Reporting PedestrianTwo large potholes in sidewalk and utility cover
Access Issues

Notice obstacles or hazards that may inhibit bike or pedestrian travel? Let us know by submitting a Hazard Report.

Access issues can include damage to or missing sidewalks and/or vegetation or other objects blocking the walkway.

Reports are forwarded to the appropriate jurisdiction for investigation and action.

Capital Projects


RTC Contact

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Transportation Planner
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