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Iowa Pacific delivers construction materials in Watsonville

Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway delivers construction materials in Watsonville. Photo credit: Howard Cohen 2013

Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line

The 32-mile Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line is a continuous transportation corridor offering tremendous potential for new mobility options for residents and visitors alike. The rail line spans the county from Davenport to Watsonville, running parallel to the Highway 1 corridor and the coast, and connecting into state and other regional rail lines in Pajaro. This important transportation corridor is within one mile of more than 90 parks, 40 schools and over half of the county’s population (per census blocks). Construction of the rail line from Santa Cruz to Watsonville was completed in 1876.  In October 2012, the RTC took ownership of the line, bringing this transportation resource into public ownership to increase transportation options.

Rail Transit Service Study

Could passenger rail transit service work in Santa Cruz County? The Rail Transit Study evaluates the feasibility of adding public transportation service on the rail line between Santa Cruz and Watsonville. The study includes: ridership projections, capital and operating cost estimates, varying service scenarios and technologies; and information on integration with other rail corridor uses and other transportation services.

Potential Transportation Uses of the Rail Corridor

The rail corridor was purchased using $11 million from the voter-approved Proposition 116 (Clean Air and Transportation Improvement Act of 1990 — California Public Utilities Code Section 99600 et seq.) which stipulates that the rail line be used for “rail projects within Santa Cruz County which facilitate recreational, commuter, intercity and intercounty travel. Potential uses include the following:

Even if some transportation uses are not immediately feasible, it is prudent to preserve future transportation options that would reduce congestion and travel times, move goods and people efficiently, reduce both vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions, advance sustainable transportation options, add travel capacity, and reduce sprawl and preserve open spaces and agricultural spaces. Removing the tracks is not an option under consideration because purchasing a right-of-way for only a bicycle and pedestrian trail is not considered a “rail project” under proposition 116, because it would be cost prohibitive to rebuild the tracks if they were removed, and because quality transit options are needed to meet future mobility needs in the county. Development of the corridor for passenger and freight rail as well as the bicycle/pedestrian trail will move forward as they are feasible and fundable.

A printable Santa Cruz Rail Corridor fact sheet is also available.

Rail Improvement Efforts

As owner of the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line, the RTC hired a short line operator to operate freight and recreational rail service and maintain the rail line.  In addition, the RTC is working with the community to reduce trash and graffiti on the line and is investigating short and long term options for maximizing this transportation resource.

Rail Structure Upgrades

As part of the purchase agreement between the RTC and the previous property owner, Union Pacific, $5.3 million in funding was set aside to upgrade structures on the line. Construction work on four timber and steel trestles, including the La Selva Beach Railroad Trestle, was finished in 2015.

Freight Service

Rail freight service is currently provided by Iowa Pacific Holdings, doing business locally as the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Railway, to a number of companies for commodities such as construction, agricultural products, and biofuels. Rail freight traffic and the tax revenue collected augment the county’s tax base thereby contributing toward vital services for residents. The Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway may also generate revenue for their operation by storing empty rail cars on infrequently used portions of the rail line.

The Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway’s operator, Iowa Pacific Holdings, is based in Chicago and has several other short line railroads with operations in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York State.  Through affiliates, Iowa Pacific also has railway and related operations in the United Kingdom and Peru.

Current Passenger Rail Operations

Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Railway and Big Trees Railroad operate seasonal and special event recreational service on the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line. In the future, passenger service may include expanded recreational service, as well as intercity and public transportation service.


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