41st-Soquel Aux Lanes & Bike/Ped Crossing

Highway 1 41st/Soquel Auxiliary Lanes & Chanticleer Bike/Ped Crossing

The Highway 1 41st/Soquel Auxiliary Lanes Project extends approximately 1.4 miles along Highway 1 between 41st Avenue in Capitola and Soquel Drive in Live Oak. The project proposes to add northbound and southbound auxiliary lanes between the two interchanges and to construct a new bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing at Chanticleer Avenue. Right of way acquisitions will be required to construct the Chanticleer Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Overcrossing approaches, and utility relocations are needed to accommodate the pavement widening and new bridge. The estimated construction cost for this project is $24M.

This is the first Tier II project of the Highway 1 Corridor Investment Program which has a Tiered approach; Tier I is a high-level, corridor-wide vision, and Tier II projects are specific, fundable projects that require more detailed environmental study. Caltrans is the lead agency for a combined Tier I/Tier II Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (EIR/EA), which includes the Tier I HOV lanes as the long-term vision for the corridor, and the Tier II auxiliary lanes between 41st Avenue and Soquel Drive. The draft environmental document was circulated in late 2015 into early 2016. Many technical studies were updated to respond to comments received and to comply with changing regulatory requirements. The final environmental document was completed and approved by both Caltrans and FHWA in late 2018.

The design phase of the project is underway, with construction scheduled to begin in 2020.

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