Bay/Porter to State Park Dr Aux Lanes

Highway 1 Bay Ave/Porter St to State Park Dr Auxiliary Lanes

Improvements Under ConsiderationMap showing auxiliary lanes between Bay Ave and State Park Dr on Hwy 1

  • Northbound and southbound auxiliary lanes between Bay Avenue/Porter Street and Park Ave interchanges and between Park Ave and State Park Dr interchanges
  • Bus-on-Shoulder operations
  • Replace the existing Capitola Ave bridge crossing Hwy 1 with a new bridge including improved sidewalks and bike lanes

Project Fact Sheet
Project Exhibit

Project Schedule

Schedule and cost for the project include environmental review, project design, right-of-way, and construction phases.

Phase Schedule
Environmental (PA/ED) Fiscal year 19/20 – 20/21
Final Design (PS&E) FY 20/21 – 21/22
Right-of-Way FY 21/22
Advertisement/Award* FY 22/23
Construction* FY 22/23 – 24/25

*Pending availability of funds for construction.

Project Purpose and Need

The purpose of the project is to:

  • Reduce congestion along Hwy 1 through the project limits
  • Enhance bicycle and pedestrian connectivity by providing improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  • Promote the use of alternative transportation modes to increase transportation system capacity and reliability
  • Widen the overcrossing at Capitola Avenue to current standards

This project is needed because:

  • Several bottlenecks along Hwy 1 in the southbound and northbound directions cause congestion during peak hours, significantly delaying drivers. As a result, “cut‐through” traffic—or traffic on local streets—is increasing because drivers are seeking to avoid congestion on the highway.
  • There are limited opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists to safely navigate SR 1 in the project corridor, even though portions of the project area are designated as regional bicycle routes.
  • There are insufficient incentives to increase transit service in the SR 1 corridor because congestion threatens reliability and cost‐effective transit service delivery.
  • The existing length (i.e., span) of the Capitola Avenue overcrossing cannot accommodate a wider freeway. In addition, the existing overcrossing does not meet current standards for vertical clearance over the freeway, has substandard widths, and does not have bicycle lanes across the bridge. The bridge must be reconstructed to meet current standards.

Environmental Analysis

Caltrans plans to prepare a joint environmental document – an Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (known as an EIR/EA) – pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Caltrans is the lead agency under CEQA and is assuming responsibilities of lead agency for the Federal Highway Administration under NEPA assignment.

Caltrans distributed the Notice of Preparation to request comments from responsible and trustee agencies and interested members of the public regarding the significant environmental issues, reasonable project alternatives, and reasonable mitigation measures to be discussed in the draft EIR/EA.


Lara Bertaina, Caltrans Senior Environmental Planner
California Department of Transportation, District 5
50 Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Shannon Munz, RTC Communication Specialist
Sarah Christensen, RTC Project Manager
(831) 460-3200