State Park Dr-Freedom Blvd Aux Lanes, BOS, & Coastal

Highway 1 State Park Dr to Freedom Blvd Aux Lanes, Bus-on-Shoulder & Coastal Rail Trail Segment 12 Project

The project will construct northbound and southbound auxiliary lanes and bus-on-shoulder improvements between the State Park Drive and Freedom Boulevard interchanges, replace the two existing railroad bridges between the State Park Drive and Rio del Mar interchanges, and widen the Aptos Creek bridge.

This section of Highway 1 provides access to Aptos Village, Rio del Mar, Aptos High School, and Aptos Hills/Corralitos. The auxiliary lanes will connect the on-ramps with the next off-ramp, thereby extending the weaving and merging distance between the ramps, improving traffic operations, and reducing cut-through traffic diverting to local streets and neighborhoods.

The existing railroad bridges will be replaced with longer span bridges to accommodate the addition of auxiliary lanes on Highway 1. The new bridges will also be able to accommodate future high-capacity public transit and trail to improve multimodal transportation across the County. The new bridges, soundwalls, and retaining walls will incorporate aesthetic treatments consistent with the visual character of the corridor and the adjacent community.

This project also includes construction of Segment 12 of the Coastal Rail Trail, a bicycle and pedestrian trail along an approximately 1.25-mile segment of the Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line right-of-way from State Park Drive to Rio Del Mar Boulevard. The Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line corridor is an active freight line and is owned by the RTC.

Project Highlights

  • Improves traffic and safety operations on Highway 1
  • Adds infrastructure for buses to travel in the auxiliary lanes between interchanges and on the outside shoulder through interchanges
  • Reduces cut-through traffic diverting to local streets and neighborhoods by adding auxiliary lanes between State Park Drive and Freedom Boulevard
  • Replaces two existing railroad bridges and widens the Highway 1 Aptos Creek bridge
  • Accommodates future high-capacity public transit on the new railroad bridges
  • Multimodal options to increase corridor throughput
  • Improves active transportation connectivity

Project Schedule

The environmental phase of this project began in 2020 and the draft environmental document is expected to be circulated in Fall 2022. The environmental phase is expected to be completed in Spring 2023. The design phase is expected to begin in 2022. The project is expected to go to construction in 2025 pending availability of funding.

RTC Contact

Sarah Christensen
Senior Transportation Engineer
(831) 460-3200