Seniors & Accessible Transportation Services

Seniors & Accessible Transportation Services

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Guide to Specialized Transportation Services

A Guide to Specialized Transportation Services (Spanish version) for seniors and people with disabilities in Santa Cruz County is published by the RTC. This guide lists accessible transportation services available in Santa Cruz County including eligibility requirements, hours/schedule, service charges, service area, and more details.

ParaCruz (operated by Santa Cruz Metro) and Lift Line (operated by Community Bridges) are key providers of local accessible transportation services.

Annual Unmet Needs List

Unmet paratransit and transit needs are those transportation needs which are not being met by the current public transit system, have community support, and do not duplicate transit services provided publicly or privately. The Unmet Needs List serves to highlight these needs for the decision makers and public as well as provide input on the highest priority unmet needs. The list is drafted by the E&D TAC and is reviewed and adopted by the Regional Transportation Commission each year.

The 2020 Final Draft Unmet Transit and Paratransit Needs List will be brought to RTC for consideration at their May 2020 meeting. Public input on the Unmet Needs List can be submitted using the the online form. Comments received will be considered in future updates.

Advisory Committee

The RTC’s Elderly & Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee (E&D TAC) generally meets every even numbered month and advises the RTC on planning, policy and funding issues affecting accessible transportation. All are welcome to attend the E&D TAC meetings.  Voting members include citizens, representatives from groups/agencies working with seniors and people with disabilities, and transportation service providers.


Guide to Specialized Transportation Services

Unmet Transit and Specialized Transportation Needs NEW

Mobility Needs and Bus Use of Aging and Disabled Adults Report (2013)

2005 Paratransit Task Force recommendations and related materials

Pedestrian reports with a focus on accessibility

RTC Contact

Grace Blakeslee
Senior Transportation Planner
(831) 460-3200