Input Form – Unmet Transit and Specialized Transportation Needs

What unmet transit and/or specialized transportation services are needed in Santa Cruz County?

Each year the RTC and its E&D TAC develop a list of paratransit and transit needs. This “Unmet Transit and Paratransit Needs List” identifies transportation needs that have community support, but are not currently being met by the existing public transit system. While many transit needs cannot be met due to insufficient funding, the Unmet Needs List serves to highlight these needs for decision-makers and the public, as well as identifying the highest priority unmet needs. The list is drafted by the E&D TAC and is reviewed and adopted by the Regional Transportation Commission each year.

The 2021 Final Unmet Transit and Paratransit Needs List was adopted by the RTC at the May 2021 meeting and is expected to be updated following a public hearing at the May 2022 RTC board meeting.  Public input on the Unmet Needs List can be submitted using the form below. Comments received will be considered in future updates.

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