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a pedestrian stepping on to the curbPedestrian Services & Resources

Reporting Access Issues, Hazards and Incidents

Notify us of obstacles or hazards that may inhibit bike or pedestrian travel by using the RTC’s Hazard Report. These reports are forwarded to the appropriate local jurisdiction for action. Reports may be submitted at any time.

Reporting Incidents to Law Enforcement – Pedestrians are encouraged to report incidents and collisions with motorists, cyclists or other pedestrians.

Improving Pedestrian Safety and Access

According to California Streets and Highway Code (Chapter 22, Article2, Section 5610), property owners are required to maintain sidewalks adjacent to their property. A report, Improving the Safety and Accessibility of Sidewalks in Santa Cruz County and Appendices, outlines jurisdiction and property owner responsibilities and practices.  Published in June 2010, this report was prepared by the Pedestrian Safety Work Group (PSWG), a former subcommittee of the RTC’s Elderly and Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee.

What Pedestrians and Motorists Want Each Other to Know: This brochure, also prepared by the PSWG, includes safety tips intended to help both motorists and pedestrians understand each other’s expectations and offer helpful tips, especially involving pedestrians with disabilities.

Road Construction Guidelines

To improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists at road construction projects, the Community Traffic Safety Coalition, in cooperation with the RTC Bicycle Committee and local public works departments, developed a set of guidelines to augment the Caltrans Traffic Safety Manual. The Recommended Guidelines to Protect the Safety of Bicyclists, Pedestrians and Disabled Travelers during Road Construction, are provided to all road construction contractors. Pedestrians who encounter a hazard traveling through a construction area may submit a Bicycle/Pedestrian Hazard Report.

Elderly and Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee (E&DTAC)

Improving pedestrian access to transit and other services has been a recent focus of this committee which advises the Regional Transportation Commission and other transportation agencies on the network of specialized transportation services for seniors and people with disabilities in Santa Cruz County as well as about the transportation needs of these members of our community.


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