Sustainable Options

Sustainable Transportation Options

The basic notion behind sustainability is that meeting the demands of today should not compromise the quality or viability of life in the future.

Given the huge impact that transportation has on the environment – about 45% of green house gases in our region are attributed to it – travel is an obvious place to consider sustainability.

Each of us makes hundreds of choices every week about how and when we travel. Making these choices in a conscious way rather than purely out of habit, is a step towards sustainability.

Walking, biking, riding the bus and carpooling are all great ways to travel either every day or once in a while.

So is turning off your vehicle while you are waiting to pick someone up or checking your car tire pressure each time you fill up your gas tank. Each of us employing these eco-driving techniques really does add up.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. For more than 35 years, the RTC has helped people navigate the transportation system to access the things they need and want. Currently, this assistance is provided through the Cruz511 Traveler Information service.  Other organizations such as the Community Traffic Safety Coalition, Ecology Action, and Bike Santa Cruz County also support people in their choice to use sustainable transportation.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

The RTC is involved in many activities to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Check out the summary of these GhG Reduction Initiatives aimed at helping reduce air pollution.

Sustainable Transportation Projects

Through the STARS program, the RTC is involved in a new initiative that applies the concept of sustainability to significant transportation projects. Similar to the LEED approach for buildings, STARS looks at how a project will perform over its lifetime, rather than ending when construction is complete.

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