Sign Installation for New Countywide Bicycle Wayfinding Signage Program Completed

As part of the new Santa Cruz County Bicycle Route Signage Program, the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) recently completed the installation of bicycle wayfinding signage at 303 locations throughout the county. The signs, part of an effort to increase bicycle ridership and safety in the county, will assist all types of bicycle riders – commuters, families, recreational riders and visitors – in finding and accessing major destinations throughout the county. The revised routing of the long-distance Pacific Coast Route has also been signed.

Previously, there were few and inconsistent bicycle wayfinding signs in Santa Cruz County, so the RTC worked with community partners to identify and sign preferred routes that have connectivity to bicycle lanes or paths. The new signage will improve traffic safety by leading cyclists to better routes. The preferred routes include fully signed Regional and Local Routes as well as partially signed shorter Neighborhood Routes.

“The bike signage program provides necessary signage to help cyclists stay safe and improve visibility, while also providing critical information for all transportation users,” said Santa Cruz County Supervisor John Leopold. “As we see more people on their bikes, this signage is a welcome addition to our community.”

The 2020 bicycle route & bikeways web map is now available and shows the locations of all of the signs, along with maps of the preferred routes and the county’s bikeways.

More information on the Santa Cruz County Bicycle Route Signage Program can be found at