Voters saying “Yes!” to Measure D for Transportation


SANTA CRUZ COUNTY – A supermajority of votes tallied so far in Santa Cruz County said “yes” to Measure D, the comprehensive and inclusive package of transportation improvements. Vote counts as of today show that over 58,000 affirmative votes comprise 67.12% of the total (Update 11/28/16: 79,340 affirmative votes comprising 67.46% of the total). The ½ cent local sales tax requires a super majority of 66.67% to pass.  Vote counts are not considered final until provisional and absentee ballots are counted and the election is certified.

Passage of Measure D would guarantee every city and the county a steady, direct source of local funding for local streets and road maintenance, bicycle and pedestrian projects especially near schools, safety projects, transit and paratransit service and numerous essential transportation projects and programs throughout the county as outlined in the Expenditure Plan for Measure D.

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