Elderly and Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee

Elderly & Disabled Transportation Advisory Committee (E&D TAC)

Purpose and Role

The E&D TAC advises the Regional Transportation Commission and other transportation agencies on the network of specialized transportation services for seniors and people with disabilities in Santa Cruz County as well as about the transportation needs of these members of our community.

In addition, the E&D TAC serves as the local Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC), a state-required entity that seeks input — from transit-dependent and transit disadvantaged persons, including seniors, people with disabilities, low income persons, and youth — regarding transit needs in Santa Cruz County.

Annual Unmet Needs List

Unmet paratransit and transit needs are those transportation needs which are not being met by the current public transit system, have community support, and do not duplicate transit services provided publicly or privately. The Unmet Needs List serves to highlight these needs for the decision makers and public as well as provide input on the highest priority unmet needs. The list is drafted by the E&D TAC and is reviewed and adopted by the Regional Transportation Commission each year.

The 2023 Final Unmet Transit and Paratransit Needs List was adopted by the RTC at the May 2023 meeting followed by a public hearing.  Public comment on the list will begin in spring of 2024.


The E&D TAC has 16 members comprised of citizen, service provider and agency representatives. According to state law, the committee must include the following:

  • Potential transit user who is 60 years of age or older
  • Potential transit user who is handicapped
  • Local social service provider for seniors
  • Social service transportation provider
  • Local social service provider for persons of limited means
  • Local consolidated transportation service agency

General By-Laws & Committee Description


Meetings are generally held at 1:30 pm on the second Tuesday of even numbered months.  All are welcome to attend.

Meetings and Agendas
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Committee Report

Periodically, a committee report is developed to outline the E&D TAC Committee’s accomplishments and goals.

RTC Contact

Amanda Marino
Transportation Planner
(831) 460-3200